How we work

The Overall strategy for AFI moving forward is based on 3 pillars: Economic Growth, Scientific Growth and Cultural Bonds.


AFI 2017 Accomplishments

  • AFI registered as legal entity in Poland
  • Patient Empowerment Program (see more)
  • Kosciuszko Proclamation Dinner (see more)
  • Bioforum (see more)


AFI 2018 Accomplishments

  • Robert Joskowiak becomes Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland to Virginia (see more)
  • Kosciuszko Proclamation passes the Virginia State Assembly 97-0 (see more)
  • William & Mullens agrees to register AFI as a 501c3 pro-bono in the state of Virginia
  • AFI attends the Polish Leadership Forum in Miami, Fl (see more)
  • AFI attends and is recognized at the Polish-American Ball in Miami (see more)