Alliance For Innovation
Polish American Foundation

AFI is a non-profit NGO was established to mobilize both American and Polish noble citizens and friends to strengthen cultural, scientific and business bonds between Poland and USA.


To promote and facilitate opportunities between Poland and the United States to develop successful projects and products in science, economy and culture.


  • AFI is a foundation involved exclusively in non-profit operations and projects.
  • AFI does not conduct lobbying activities. It assists in collaboration opportunities and focuses on building relations between universities, institutions, other non-governmental organizations and companies to take advantage of the existing opportunities.
  • AFI creates a network of leaders and experts, in particular by collaborating with other Polish and American non-governmental organizations.
  • Projects and activities of AFI focus on supporting the fulfillment of Polish and American priorities related to innovation, growth as well as launching new products and services.
  • AFI supports the process of globalization of Polish companies and projects through effectively using its network of connections and relations
  • Focusing on projects executed on city-city level and U.S. state – Polish voivodship level
  • Polish and American AFI members have business and academic experience
  • Experience and database of contacts in Poland-Virginia-Wisconsin- Florida-Washington
  • Funds come from fees from participants in the AFI, and from individuals and organizations that wish to donate to the projects and, or activities of AFI.