Kosciuszko Day and 69th Virginia Conference on World Trade

Aug 17, 2017


AFI Foundation in line with its mission is inviting Polish companies to a unique high profile business-cultural opportunity October 15-18th, in Richmond Virginia, promoting Polish heritage to US and Polish innovative businesses.

(AFI is Foundation involved exclusively in nonprofit projects and activities)

Kosciuszko’s contribution to US freedom

There is an opportunity to draft a Bill to commemorate the contribution of General Thaddeus Kosciuszko to America’s Freedom (Kosciuszko designed fortifications at West Point to prevent separation of American forces and engineered victorious battle of Saratoga).

Kosciuszko’s contributions to US freedom and his quest for equal treatment of slaves and minorities (in his will Kosciuszko asked Thomas Jefferson to sell the land, free the slaves and use the proceeds to teach them vocations that would assure their self sufficiency)

General Kosciuszko was a personal friend of Thomas Jefferson (who was an executor of his last will) and President George Washington. He was in their words a “pure son of Liberty”. October 15, 2017 will mark the 200th  anniversary of this death and it would be a perfect time to honor his services to America.

AFI works closely with the Greater Richmond Partnership, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, Chopin Foundation of the US and Polish Embassy.

AFI  would  host a black-tie concert in Richmond (or Charlottesville) featuring a world class Polish musician(s) with presence of leaders from largest Virginia companies, Polish Ambassador, and VA Leadership.


There will be press release and media presence when the Kosciuszko Bill is introduced.

Let’s make October 15th. Kosciuszko Day in Virginia!

69th Virginia Conference on World Trade

As you may have heard, President Trump made a commitment to knowledge-technology transfer, energy supply and military co-operation between Poland and the US in his recent speech in Warsaw. All of these areas are of vital interest to Virginia. AFI  facilitates (among many things) bringing Polish companies to Virginia and helps Virginia’s enterprises broaden their markets in Poland. Virginia has an opportunity to become a premier destination for economic, scientific, military, agriculture and cultural exchange between US and Poland.

In the United States each state is like its own country with its own economic development office and its own policies for attracting and assisting foreign investment. Navigating US regulations, taxes and hidden costs can be difficult.  Virginia is one of the most business friendly states in the United States and its economic priorities are very close to those of Poland.

AFI has chosen Virginia to be the bridge for bilateral cooperation between Poland and the United States. Virginia is a strategic location with access to over 50 million customers in a 500 km radius. Virginia is similar to Poland in its business priorities. Richmond the capitol of Virginia is #2 in labor force supply and #10 US city for global trade. Norfolk, Virginia has the largest port on the East coast and Northern Virginia has Dulles International airport one of the busiest in the country.

In addition, Poland and Virginia share a 400 year history. After the founding of the first colony in Jamestown, Joh Smith brought over Polish artisans who set up the first factories and would become the United States. In 1619, Jamestown had grown to the point where it was holding its first elections. Only persons of British citizenship were suppose to vote but the Poles went on strike and won the right to vote.

In 2019, Virginia will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown vote and promoting itself as an international business export/import location. This is a perfect opportunity for Poland and Virginia to capitalize on their 400 year history of international business and relations.

Virginia Business Priorities:

·         Biotech

·         Healthcare

·         Advanced manufacturing

·         IT including Cybersecurity

·         Food and beverage


Why attend?

·         Interested in developing a US presence?

·         Learn ways to increase your company’s sales on the US market

·         Network with hundreds of people from manufacturing, service, and logistics sectors

·         Meet with local industry experts

·         Private meetings with potential customers and partners.