Recently, AFI joined forces with the National Research Institute of Oncology and the National Cancer Institute in the United States to establish the Warsaw School of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention. The aim of each course is to promote the knowledge and experience of international experts on the prevention, treatment, and laboratory research of cancer. 

Objectives of the program are to provide participants:
– the latest research presented by experienced specialists from Poland and the USA 
– knowledge on the modern strategies in cancer treatment,
– information on advanced technologies used in cancer prevention.

The first course was held on October, 9 2021 and focused on the role of dentists in the prevention and early detection of head and neck cancer as well as principles of dental care for oncology patients at various stages of treatment. 

Alliance for Innovation helped facilitate the lecture of Mark Parascandola titled „Cancer Prevention and Control in the Dental Clinic: Evidence and Guidelines”.
Mark Parascandola is the Chief of the Research and Training Branch at the Center for Global Health at the U.S. National Cancer Institute