December 5th, 2019, Kennedy Space Center

Chopin’s music probably has been heard everywhere. Even in space! On December 5th, 2019, the Polish composer was honored by organizing a spectacular concert during the premiere of the film „Chopin. The Space Concert”. Alliance for Innovation, together with Merging Traffic, the Institute of Music and Dance, the Polish Cultural Institute in New York and the Ministry of Culture had the honor to organize this event.

Chopin’s oeuvre is a timeless value that touches all listeners and opens them to new musical experiences. There is nothing else for us than to invite you to watch the coverage of the American premiere of  Video Summary of the incredible event.

Video Summary of the “Chopin. The Space Concert” is a documentary about how Chopin’s music got into space. The creations of this composer were not chosen accidentally. They were to express the feelings of NASA astronauts during their stay in extraterrestrial space.

The statement of one of the participants in this cosmic happening, Commander George D. Zamek perfectly reflects the reasons for which Chopin’s works were chosen: I saw and heard (in the documentary), as I think you will see, that the emotions that gave life to our mission are the same that people have sensed forever… Emotions that Chopin related with his music. Excitement, friendship, separation, and wonder came and went in flashes throughout our time in space.”