The Senior Level Oncology Roundtable held on November 9 was a successful, highly focused, and meaningful exchange by the significant, senior group that gathered in Washington. The specific research subjects, supporting processes, and technologies along with the networks identified by participants will result in selection of investigators for joint Polish and American teams to develop selected subjects from proposals presented during the Roundtable.

Leaders from the top Poland-wide oncology organizations and American leaders from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs pledged assistance in connecting Polish and American oncologists and scientists for new or expanded research efforts. This group is augmented by oncologists from the Polish National Research Institute of Oncology and the National Cancer Institute cooperating on cancer vaccine research. This successful activity is being developed through virtual exchanges, and the principles were unable to attend the roundtable.

The Alliance for Innovation (AFI) will follow-up on the Roundtable to help participants select those research subjects of mutual value to Poles and Americans for further development. AFI will assist in organizing teams of investigators to develop those projects. A report of the Roundtable with briefing slides and notes will be prepared as the post-Roundtable starting point. 

AFI will organize a follow-up meeting to measure and assist progress and further expand cooperation in cancer research will be held in the first half of 2022.