Professor Piotr Rutkowski is a Head of the Department of Soft Tissue/Bone Sarcoma and Melanoma, Plenipotentiary of Head Director for National Oncological Strategy and Clinical Trials, Chair of National Oncological Strategy Working Group, President of the Polish Oncological Society, and he is having a significant impact in the field of clinical medicine. His exceptional contributions have been recognized globally, earning him the distinction of being a Highly Cited Researcher in 2022. This acknowledgment underscores his significant impact on the field, shaping the future of cancer care. 

This year Professor Rutkowski was once again among the most frequently cited Polish scientists according to the Highly Cited Researchers ranking. The Highly Cited Researcher list from Clarivate seeks to identify individual researchers in the sciences and social sciences who have demonstrated significant impact in their field of research.

Only 6 scientists from Poland were honored, and only two – including prof. Rutkowski – in the field of medical sciences.

Moreover, Professor Rutkowski obtained a grant from the National Science Center (NCN Narodowe Centrum Nauki). The project carried out under the supervision of Professor Rutkowski is called “Molecular profiling of soft tissue sarcomas in the tumor and peripheral blood in terms of response to treatment and early detection of recurrence or dissemination.”

The Alliance for Innovation Foundation is honored to cooperate with Prof. Rutkowski for many years. Thanks to our cooperation, we managed to contribute to an important step in Polish oncology. We adapted the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) guidelines and together started long-term Polish American cooperation for oncology patients.