Medical video Senior Level Roundtable on “Medical Data Management Model and Data Sharing” was organized on June 25th through the collaboration of the Alliance for Innovation (AFI) in partnership with the Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Research Institute of Oncology with strategic support of Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and the Medical Society of Virginia.

Senior level experts from National Comprehensive Cancer Network®, National Cancer Institute, US Department of Veterans Affairs and Miller Canfield attended the event to discuss the technological, legal and organizational structure necessary to advance the completion of objectives set in the Polish National Cancer Strategy.

The purpose of this Virtual Senior Level Roundtable was to identify health care issues and subjects for informal discussion and development through the summer, and presentation and evaluation during a joint Poland-US working session we held back in November in Warsaw resulting in recommended actions as well as to identify areas of oncology research and treatment that could benefit from improved applications of data management and data sharing, and to provide a foundation for further and more practical cooperation between people in Polish and American institutions.

The online event consisted of the three panels. Experts discussed the essential elements necessary for continued advances in oncology as the pandemic continues and in the post-pandemic period.

The first panel identified the directions set by Poland’s National Cancer Strategy with clear priorities and a sense of urgency. The second panel assured us that thanks to the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and the Bioinformatics organization of the National Institute of Oncology Research Poland has the capacity to provide the data management and sharing that will enable a rapid achievement of those priorities. The third panel pointed at selected American organizations ready to work with Polish institutions in applying data management and sharing to eliminate cancer and deliver innovative advances in health care more generally.

The participants of the Roundtable agreed on the following conclusions:

  • Cooperation between Poland and the USA on health care is gaining traction. Most emphasis is put on oncology. Both countries recognize the importance of data management and sharing applications.
  • The Covid19 pandemic is impacting global health care capacity and with the associated economic crisis will challenge us to restore that capacity and continue to advance innovations in health care.
  • The number and seniority of the people who actively participated in the Roundtable shows the potential we can explore together. Given the right tools and support the cooperation can reap tremendous benefits for patients and health care systems in both countries.
  • The content on data management and sharing applications developed as a result of the Roundtable proves we have the capacity to foster innovation based on priorities set by those participating in the discussion. We will encourage the Polish and American health care communities to use AFI as a platform for generating solutions with agility and focus on most pending priorities.

The Alliance for Innovation will encourage and facilitate cooperation between participants of the Roundtable from both sides of the Atlantic. In the last quarter of 2020, we will hold a working session for more detailed presentations and the development of promising joint actions and projects for oncology advances with applications of data management and sharing.