As we work tirelessly to aid those affected by the ongoing conflict, we are proud to unveil our vision of a future-focused Center of Excellence for Polytrauma. The Center’s aim is to create an ecosystem of care, not just for immediate treatment but to ensure each individual regains their potential for a fulfilling life.

Polytrauma’s mission encapsulates more than just the aftermath of conflict. Our CoE will provide comprehensive care for all victims of trauma, including Ukrainian soldiers, refugees, and civilians. With physical and mental rehabilitation at the core, our center will develop specialized training programs and conduct cutting-edge research to improve patient outcomes. Beginning in March 2023, this endeavor will extend its services to individuals affected by any form of trauma, making it an innovative Center for Excellence for Polytrauma.

While our immediate initiative is to assist soldier-amputees with a full program launching in May 2023, we’re just as committed to providing holistic care for all trauma victims.

The ultimate goal is to make this program transferable and sustainable within the central European region, serving as a cornerstone of public health resilience.

To ensure the effectiveness of our approach, we’re integrating a phased, methodical strategy. Experts from the US, Poland and Ukraine are collaborating to adapt clinical guidelines to local realities. We invite you to be part of this project. Together, we can redefine the healing landscape, providing a beacon of hope and resilience for every trauma victim.

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