On July 21st, Friday, the Alliance for Innovation & NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) meeting took place. During the event, the current status of NCCN guidelines in Poland was discussed. Guidelines that have been incorporated for Poland cover:

  • Central Nervous System Cancers
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancers
  • Ovarian Cancer, including Fallopian Tube Cancer and Primary Peritoneal Cancer

Then, a discussion about Future Directions took place, covering updates, organizing the next set of guidelines, and increasing emphasis in Poland on patient advocacy and education. The discussion also covered the establishment of the National Cancer Network and National Monitoring Center.

Together, we are shaping a comprehensive approach to cancer guidelines and building a future that emphasizes collaboration and patient-centered care. There are many opportunities for cooperation, which is why the role of this meeting was invaluable.