Agnieszka Pilat will unveil a new painting during Chopin. The Space Concert.

As a Polish-born artist who grew up in the shadow of the Soviet Union, the United States was an inspiration for freedom. – Agnieszka Pilat

The artwork will commemorate the shared mission of Poland, Ukraine, and the United States following the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion, and the battle for democratic values all have undertaken. The painting was completed with the assistance of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot, a subtle nod to the role that new technology is playing in shaping the war’s outcome, and the rapid coordination between all three countries.

“Sunrise March” was created in Agnieszka’s New York City studio with the help of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot, as a metaphor for the millions of refugees marching toward freedom. It sold at a private auction in San Francisco, and is currently being shown at select institutions in the Washington D.C. area with the Polish Embassy ahead of its final destination in Poland.

Photo: Drew Alitzer

As Poland struck down the shackles of tyranny, I came to America and found a second home. Ukraine is now on the same journey and must be supported. – Agnieszka Pilat

“My hope for SUNRISE MARCH is to memorialize the marches my ancestors made through previous conflicts, and the shared journey to freedom undertaken by the Polish and Ukrainian people. When this conflict is over, there will be many heroes. Our hope is that the immediate, gracious, selfless response of Poland is remembered alongside Ukraine’s heroic stand against tyranny” – Agnieszka Pilat

Artist biography

Polish-born artist, Agnieszka Pilat is best known for her series of heroic portraits of technology and for paintings co-created with a quadruped robot, Spot. She has written about art history for Artnet and spoken about the intersection of art and technology at the annual Founders Forum in London. Her work has been covered by the New Yorker, Boston Globe, WIRED, New York Magazine, and CNN.