AFI in partnership with The Polish Association of Centers for Technology Transfer (PACTT) and Pfizer provides educational support to stimulate capabilities in tech transfer and commercialization in Poland.

The November inauguration of the Academy of Effective Preclinical Research PACTT-Pfizer was accompanied by a very important systemic and expert debate on solutions. The aim of this was to support scientists in the process of creating and sharing innovations in medicine.

The topic of this first educational meeting covered commercialization of research: commercialization strategies, reality in pharma, project management, strategic planning, funding of the research.

Among those debating for whose selection we were responsible, there were many eminent experts. These included, among others, Professor Associate PhD Krzysztof Marycz, Head of the Department of Experimental Biology, University of Life Sciences in Wrocław; Doctor Roland Kozłowski, President of the Board and owner of LSBC, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the PACTT-Pfizer Academy; Doctor Robert Dwiliński, Director of the University Centre for Technology Transfer of the University of Warsaw, President of the PACTT Foundation; PhD Anna Kowalczuk, Director of the National Medicines Institute; Aleksandra Mościcka-Studzińska, BIOMED Research Program Management Section, National Centre for Research and Development; Marcin Bąder, Director of the Centre for Preclinical Research, Warsaw Medical University. One of the panelists was also a representative of the Polish-American Alliance for Innovation Foundation.