AFI dedication to
between Poland and USA

In listening to business and political leaders responsible for growing economic relations between the two countries, AFI identified missed opportunities.

Members of the AFI Team had been involved in programs at the federal level to promote a business climate for Polish-US collaborations.

Successes and failures over several years in addition to discussions with political and business leaders developed the core concepts for a new approach to Polish-US Business relationships.

AFI dedication to

Through building and a celerate partnerships in life science innovation development and projects including medical simulation, clinical trials and biotech area.

AFI is focused on n ew technologies in life science cooperation such as: AI, big data, block chain, biotechnology, virtual and augmented reality and it’s goal is to establish share projects for scientific exchange in life science and space.

AFI dedication to

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people” 

Mahatma Gandhi

AFI believes that through art and cultural events Poles and Americans will learn about each leading a deeper understanding and appreciation that will result in more successful collaboration.