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European Parliament vote on net neutrality spells bleak digital future

Far from it being the victory for consumers some are making it out to be, this month’s European Parliament vote on a telecommunications package that includes net neutrality and free roaming provisions sets the EU up for a digital crisis, says Danish scholar Roslyn Layton. In a piece for TechPolicyDaily, Layton explains the downsides of the […]

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Europeans reject European model for telecommunications reform

As stakeholders in the United States are gearing up to tackle a massive undertaking – an overhaul of the U.S. Telecommunications Act – calls for European-style regulations favoring heavy government intervention have resurfaced. Interestingly enough, proponents of these interventionist regulatory schemes often tend to ignore the fact that European experts who are all too familiar […]

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North Carolina think tank rejects FCC’s idea of meddling with state law to leap into local broadband services

In the context of his recently-announced new net neutrality plans, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler suggested that the agency might examine exiting state laws that impose “legal restrictions on the ability of cities and towns to offer broadband services to consumers in their communities.” In a piece for the North Carolinian Salisbury Post, John Locke Foundation President John Hood […]

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