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Digital inclusion expert: “Net neutrality debate ‘distracts from the real issues facing the Internet an those depending on it”

As the net neutrality debate rages on, Jason Llorenz, JD a scholar at Rutgers University School of Communication and Information who focuses on universal digital inclusion in the digital economy, touches on an interesting aspect in a piece for the Huffington Post that is worth pondering.  The debate, he says, distracts from the real issues facing the Internet […]

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Expert: U.S. should pursue “technology neutral regulation,” multi-stakeholder approach

With the net neutrality debate in high gear, the American Action Forum’s Will Rinehart outlines his vision of a “Framework to Reform FCC Competition Policy.”  While the piece is worth a read in its entirety, here’s an excerpt that focuses on the challenges associated with pursuing the worthy goal of  “technology neutral regulation that sees the market as converged and […]

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Internet pipes are no water pipes – the case against reclassification of broadband as a utility

As the net neutrality debate rages on – because of the fervor and sheer volume of comments submitted to the FCC on its proposed open Internet rules the agency has extended the initial comment period until Friday – Ariel Rabkin takes a closer look at one of the key issues that have emerged in the […]

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