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Washington’s “abysmal” debate over ‘net neutrality’

Against the backdrop of this week’s ending of the (already once-extended) comment period on the FCC’s proposed Open Internet regulations, Wall Street Journal columnist Gordon Crovitz takes another look at what he calls the “abysmal Washington debate over ‘net neutrality.’” He invokes comedian John Oliver’s June segment on his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight,” in which he called on his […]

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Smart policies to build mobile economy should be technology neutral

According to Joshua Bleiberg and Darrell M. West writing for Tech Tank, the Brookings Institution’s tech-focused blog, the mobile economy’s rapid growth has more than superseded expectations, but it has also “created barriers to further advances and exacerbated other issues,” which the authors feel need to be addressed by government officials in order for us to harness its […]

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New research confirms Hispanics’ affinity to digital media

Confirming their affinity to digital media, new research suggests that Hispanics are two times more likely to stream content on their smartphones and smart TVs than the non-Hispanic U.S. audience. A survey conducted by YuMe and Starcom MediaVest Group indicates that U.S. Hispanic device ownership for a whole range of connected devices, such as tablets, […]

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